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The House of Sass & Magic is cool clothing from Toronto, ON designed and built to be comfortable wherever you choose to wear them, be it on a dance floor, at the grocery store, a convention or chillin’ with your homies. With over 20 years of experience as a performer and more than a decade as a costumer, Stacey, founder and creative director of The House of Sass & Magic knows what it takes to create something that looks sassy and feels like MAGIC!

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Maker Monday -- Lindsay Keefe


About our Maker:
Lindsay Keefe is a certified international yoga therapist. She has been teaching yoga therapeutically for 5 years and teaching private, group and corporate classes for over 10 years. She has a B.A.H. in Psychology and Religious Studies from Queens University and B.Ed from Brock University.
After 7 years of persistent back pain from a car accident, she finally found permanent relief through yoga therapy in a short amount of time. She has worked with children as young as 1 years old and adults up to 90 years old. She just moved to Gananoque from Toronto and offers her services online - visit During her downtime she loves going for long walks, gardening, and afternoon tea.

Lindsay discusses her amazing yoga adventures and you can see her passion for yoga. She is so knowledgable, cherishes the connection she has with her clients and just loves that moment when she knows she has made a difference. Same, girl same💕!


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