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The House of Sass & Magic is cool clothing from Toronto, ON designed and built to be comfortable wherever you choose to wear them, be it on a dance floor, at the grocery store, a convention or chillin’ with your homies. With over 20 years of experience as a performer and more than a decade as a costumer, Stacey, founder and creative director of The House of Sass & Magic knows what it takes to create something that looks sassy and feels like MAGIC!

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Maker Monday -- Ugyen Wangmo

Ugyen Wangmo is the CEO/editor-in-chief of FORWARD Fashion Magazine (@forwardfashiontoronto), an independent print-on-demand publication with a push for digital editions. Ugyen and Stacey talk about the the local Fashion scene and how it has changed over the past year. They chat about how to talk about fashion during a pandemic by staying current and relevant and how fashion can be an inspiration in tough times. It's amazing to hear Ugyen Wangmo talk about passion for fashion and for FORWARD magazine and the content they put out.

About our Maker: Ugyen Wangmo, CEO/editor-in-chief of FORWARD Fashion Magazine, likes a simple, straightforward and authentic life, a personality that resonates in the pages of FORWARD. FORWARD Fashion Magazine is published twice a year with contents that blend high fashion and world-class photography, with features that allow Canadian talent to showcase their skill and inspire–each beautifully crafted edition is a collectors’ item. @forwardfashiontoronto is curated to champion the diversity of local voices in Fashion and encourage creative freedom. 🎵@hatiras 🎵@xolovebo

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