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The House of Sass & Magic is cool clothing from Toronto, ON designed and built to be comfortable wherever you choose to wear them, be it on a dance floor, at the grocery store, a convention or chillin’ with your homies. With over 20 years of experience as a performer and more than a decade as a costumer, Stacey, founder and creative director of The House of Sass & Magic knows what it takes to create something that looks sassy and feels like MAGIC!

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Maker Mondays - Becca Love


Sitting down talking to the wonderful, smart, funny, beautiful-inside-and-out Becca Love A self-proclaimed queer sober non-binary Jew from Toronto, who now lives in Montreal, Becca Love is a fashion designer that uses ethically sourced materials (and fair paid labour) to make items that are truly inclusive - inclusive of gender identity & the queer community and inclusive of sizing, as well as keeping in mind inclusive representation. Tune in as we touch on all of these points and have a laugh riot doing it.



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