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The House of Sass & Magic is cool clothing from Toronto, ON designed and built to be comfortable wherever you choose to wear them, be it on a dance floor, at the grocery store, a convention or chillin’ with your homies. With over 20 years of experience as a performer and more than a decade as a costumer, Stacey, founder and creative director of The House of Sass & Magic knows what it takes to create something that looks sassy and feels like MAGIC!

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What is Sass & Magic Made From??

Ever wonder what makes Sass & Magic?  Ever wonder what motivates people to create?  Have a peek a this video and find out!

Stacey Gonder chats with Antoine Elhashem from The Pink Basket

The Pink Basket Project offers LGBTQ2S+ friendly businesses in the Greater Toronto Area an opportunity to connect with the community...

Stacey Gonder chats with Heather Loduca on the Podcast @ComingUpInMySneakers

From leaving home at 16, dropping out of high school and dancing her way into what would turn into an...

Startup Fashion Week Runway Show 2018

Get a behind the scenes look at the Startup Fashion Week Runway Show in Toronto!

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