Unicorn White Corset
White Corset
White Corset

The Lost Snow Unicorn Headpiece

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On a chilling winter’s night, under a full, silvery moon, The Snow Unicorn surveyed her icy domain. The cold wind howled, singing it's haunting song, rustling a few desiccated leaves still holding tight to their branches--a somber reminder of sweet summer’s memory.

The Snow Unicorn was the Queen of this barren winterscape. The relished the sound of crisp, fresh snow creaking softly beneath her hooves.

In days long past, the Pagans worshipped her--held festivals in her honor. They danced and celebrated and feasted in her name. But times had changed. The humans had abandoned the old ways. She was forgotten. Invisible. Lost in their collective consciousness. A mere Midwinter's Night Dream.

Despite the absence of an audience, she looked ever-regal, as a queen should. She shone in the night, in a dazzling white corset, carefully and lovingly detailed with pearls, flowers, and other alluring embellishments. Nimble fairy fingers had fashioned her beautiful bustle skirt. She no longer cared for crowns, instead preferring an elegant headpiece of beads, and crystals, and lace.

She was the queen of nowhere. And no one. But it was no matter. For she was wild and free in the long, dark night.

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    White Corset