Poison Ivy Corset
Sass and magic Corset
Sass and magic Corset

The Botanical Femme Fatale Corset

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Sometimes it’s good to be bad.

Some may view you as a villainess, or an eco-terrorist. But they’re missing the bigger picture.

Sure, you use unconventional methods… like plant toxins and pheromones to achieve your goals.

But it’s all in the pursuit of the greater good, right?

After all, you’re just a big softie at heart, pursuing your true purpose--protecting endangered species and the natural environment from the destructive forces of mankind.

And who says you can’t look positively killer doing it?

Embody deadly beauty in our Poison Ivy Inspired corset. You’ll look simply luscious in a custom corset embellished with creeping vines and tantalizing blooms. A flowing chiffon warrior skirt and vinyl booty shorts accentuate your womanly assets, luring in your prey...er, enemies. Mesh gauntlets adorn your arms as you beacon them in for a fatal kiss…

The Botanical Femme Fatale Outfit includes:

Unicorn Crown Sold Separately

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Sass and magic Corset