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Lady of Shadows Outfit

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The sweet, golden summer has faded. The days grow shorter. The gifts of the earth have been harvested. And the Lady of Shadows quietly reigns.

She is the rustling of the leaves. The crispness in the air. She is the realization of our hard work. The giver of our bounty.

She brings with her a softness and gentleness. After summer’s steady buzz, she invites us to embrace a slower pace and welcome this time of gratitude and introspection.

She is gracefully adorned in the warm colours of Autumn: a corset decked with jewels, pearls, and golden flowers; a duster skirt fashioned by fairies, glittering and shining; a hooded cape stitched from the very night sky, studded with stars; and atop her head, a shining tiara.

The Lady of Shadows invites you to join her, to revel in the peaceful beauty of darker days and longer nights. Will you accept her invitation?

The Lady of Shadows Outfit includes

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