Pixie Skirt

Magical BoHo Pixie

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All House of Sass & Magic character-inspired and theme outfits are One of a Kind and can also be custom ordered. This guarantees that you'll stand out in a crowd!!

The Magical BoHo Pixie outfit is made with specialty fabrics and with great attention to details. The House of Sass & Magic ensures that the costume lover in everyone has a chance to look great! We are happy to create outfits for your favourite music festival, anime convention, or to help you cosplay your favourite character.

At the House of Sass & Magic, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to express themselves so, wear whatever you want to wear and have fun doing it!

The Magical Boho Pixie outfit consists of a Pixie Skirt, Jedi Sleeve Cross Over Top & Gold Studded Bra. <3